EMP-1 outside broadcast van

The EMP-1 broadcast van is intended for production of the most demanding projects and fulfils the highest production standards including, for example, UEFA requirements for production of prestigious European football matches.

The vehicle is designed as a tractor-trailer rig with a sliding side on the right. In the front part of the vehicle, there is a separate space for audio direction capable of processing audio signal in Dolby E 5.1 quality.

The main production section is located in the central part of the vehicle and features a monitor wall, a visual direction panel, and space for the work of the director, editor, graphics system operator and two other staff members.

In the second row, there is a workspace for four EVS video-server operators. In addition to the main production space, there is a sound-insulated technical section with a workspace for six technicians operating camera correction and other technologies.

The technical part of the vehicle is connected to the second production section, which is located in the rear of the vehicle. This space has its own monitor wall and director’s panel and serves for production of other, separate programme outputs. The space is intended for three persons and it is possible to produce here, for example, outputs with shots from the studio or other elements which do not necessarily have to be part of the main visual broadcast output.


MAN tractor, EURO 6
Length: 16,500 mm
Height: 4,100 mm
Width: 2,550 mm
Weight: 27 tons
Extended width: 3,750 mm

Power system:
  • Power input CEE 63/5 400 V
  • Isolation transformer D/Y/N5, 400/400V, 55 kVA
  • 3× UPS 8kVA, Battery backup to 15 minutes at full production
  • Permanent Power consumption 25 kW


Cameras Grass Valley:
  • LDX 80 Première
  • LDX C80 Compact – Robotic head
  • LDX 86 XtremeSpeed (SSLM 3×, 6× speed)
Fujinon lenses:
  • HA23×7.6 BERD • HA18×7.6 BERD
  • HA18×5.5 BERD • HA14×4.5 BERD • XA77×9.5 BESM • XA99×8.4 BESM
Control and Monitoring System:
  • VSM – Virtual Studio Manager
  • KVM matrix system
Video switcher:
  • Snell Advanced Media Kahuna 9600, 72IN/32OUT
  • Maverik Panel 3M/E + 1 M/E (2nd production)
  • 8× NEC 46" EX 462 S Monitor wall main production area
  • NEC 46" EX 462 S Monitor wall 2nd production area
  • TV Logic LVM-212W Videoengineering
Videorouter Grass Valley:
  • GV NVISION 8500 144×288 Processing Unit
Videoservers EVS:
  • 3× EVS XT3 8-CH
  • 1× EVS XT3 4-CH
  • 1× XFly2
  • 2× XDCAM Sony PDW HD1550
  • 2× AJA KiPro
  • 1× LGZ USB Recorder
  • 1× JVC SR-HD2700EU


Audio Mixing console Studer:
  • Studer Vista V Digital Mixing System
  • 40 fader + 2 master, Core 400 for processing 400 mono equivalent audio channels
  • Stagebox
Dolby E:
  • Jünger Audio ENC, DEC
  • Sennheiser MKH 416, MKH 70, MKH 418 S
  • Holophone H3-D
Intercom system:
  • Riedel Artist 128 G2
  • Wireless Talkback Riedel
  • Commentary unit Riedel
  • MediorNet


Sachtler tripods:
  • Video 20 S1
  • Video 60 Plus Studio OB 2000
Other Accessories:
  • Integral Wireless Camera Transmitter Vislink INCAM-G
  • Steadicam Sachtler Artemis
  • Orbiter camera seat Orbiter 500 super at
  • Camcorder Sony XDCAM PXW-X500
  • Wireless technology BMS
  • Multi-Faceted Mini-Camera IO Industries FlareTM 2KSDI
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